June 9, 2009

Everyone's View on Technology Differs...

I know mine does. The generation I grew up in, which is the baby boomers, still has not adapted to the string of toys coming off this digital era assembly line and we never will.


  1. Although the need to understand how things of push button persuasion works, there are a lot of us who are just faking it. Whenever someone starts talking to me about who was on facebook or how easy it is to twitter, I pretend like I know what they're talking about....it's fashionable.

  2. Hey, nice work on today's (6-9) compu-toon, I actually laughed out loud. We have a few of your strips pinned up in our computer lab, which is where they are needed the most - humor certainly is the remedy for frustration.

    I've been reading your work for a while now, you have a very distinct style that I enjoy. You might get a few negative comments now that you've opened yourself to anonymous critique, but that's the nature of the internet I suppose.

    Make sure you keep drawing, a lot of people enjoy your work.

  3. Thanks OF,
    I've gone down quite a few roads with this comic panel and it would not be fair to readers like yourself to bluntly discontinue it. Several things are developing behind the scences that I hope will be in the interest of the panel. Politics can be a messy thing. Although I've harden myself to be able to take the punches a blog like this entices, compliments like yours evens it out.

  4. Hi Charles,

    Just to chime in, my local newspaper use to carry your comic and as an avid reader I was glad to find it online again last year. You are as well as ever! Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Compu-toon was always well received during it's weekly period while in print. The online syndication has helped to improve the story lines.