July 15, 2009

Does The Technology Around You Help Make You A Better Person?

Is it a self-confident builder?-


  1. I don't really consider my technology to be a builder at all as I don't own any robots or CNC machines and calling technology self-confident is absurd unless you now something about AI I don't.

  2. The mechanism of your being is not the angle I'm coming from...it's your daily performance and how much of it is complimented by technology. Do you feel you could be just as good without it?

  3. Could you be more detailed Mr. Last?

  4. Hiya Mr. Boyce I really like your comics and have a few questions.

    1) What is your opinion on the Free Software Foundation (FSS)?

    2) Do you prefer linux over windows?

    3) What programs do you use for your great art style? I love it :)

  5. So much for details. Let's stay away from your colorful words. This blog is about being truthful and opened with respect to other readers. We will delete your last comment and you can stick to the topic at hand.
    Thanks Mr. Last.

  6. I think technology has made me a much greater person. I now dont have to go outside to socialize as much and I can have pretty much anything I want instantly. All these interactions and choices I make online be it in game (World of Warcraft..im a high level guild leader) or on internet forums make me a much better person.

  7. I would have responded to Alan.L sooner but had a problem with a previous blogger who was a little unruly.
    The little that I know about the various systems in place, I've always been more familiar with linux. I'm more of a user than a programmer
    so my take on why I thinks it's better than windows would not be fair to windows.
    I know of FSS but have never used it as far as I know.
    Thanks for compliments...it's always refreshing to receive them. All of my procedures in producing Compu-toon is governed by mac environment. Acrobat and Adobe are my principles applications.
    Sorry again for the delay in responding.

  8. Adobe is a company, not an application.