July 25, 2009

As Technology Gets More Harder, Are We Getting More Softer?

Who will have more endurance?


  1. In some ways we are getting softer while at the same time we are learning a lot about our future and what to expect.

  2. VHS was replaced by DVD's so now we don't have to rewind the movie anymore. Blockbuster's are disappearing and NetFlix is taking its place.(you dont even have to leave your house to rent a movie) Walk-mans, cd players, and at home entertainment centers are being replaced by IPOD's and MP3 players. Whatever happened to just buying a cassette or a cd. Is there something wrong with going to the store to buy clothes, or food. The more high-tech things get the more lazy we become. Am i wrong about this?
    credited: Copyright 2009. Soul Pancake

  3. You do not need to put the word "more" in front of "harder" or "softer", its implied with the "-er".

    The fact that you are blogging makes me hard, does that count?