July 17, 2009

Are You Able To Escape Using Your Computer?

Has networking been a "good thing" for you?


  1. Yes I am able to escape until someone finds me online and want to send me an instant message. I'm no fast typist so my exchange is not as quick as I would like.

  2. No, I am connected to World of Warcraft through a brainlink (tm) interface, because I was in a car crash a few years back and lost the use of my limbs.

  3. Charles, I wanted to ask you about today's comic I found it a little confusing.

    Are you saying that the internet is hard for Gerald to access or that it helps him overcome his access issues outside the internet?

  4. The Internet allows everyone, not only Gerald, to maneuver a lot better. So wondering about accessibility is far from one's mind.
    But as we all know, a joke is not a good joke if an explanation is involved.