June 30, 2009

The Plot of Our Relationship To Gadgets Thickens...

Is it a mystery?


  1. Who would have thought phones would be so transformable?...Mysterious.
    How did the lap, which is only a part-time body part, become so popular?....Mysterious.

  2. How did Mr. Boyce escape the assylum? ...Mysterious.
    Why cant the men in the white coats track him down?....Mysterious.

    In all seriousness Mr. Boyce have you gotten an MRI or undergone a psyc eval recently? If you haven't it's something you might want to consider.

  3. Trust me...I've tried to get an MRI, but my insurance doesn't cover it. Those things are expensive.

  4. SO YOU ADMIT your head needs examining.

    Charles, do you think there's an organic defect... or is it, like SomethingAwful believes, strictly psych trauma?

  5. Tom,
    What about your relationship with your gadgets? Is the plot thickening for you? Do you have your head screwed on right? I hope you have answers for these.